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Here's the Poop!

We would like to thank everyone for all the great feedback from our Facebook page to our website and especially our lamb.  Our plan with this blog is to give everyone an insight into what's happening on our two farms.  Thanks again for all the support!


So, I thought by now I'd be bragging about the cuteness in the barn. I thought by now I'd be confused as to my new tagging system.  I thought by now I'd be greeting all the people who had hoped to come over and see new lambs.  WRONG!!  Based on the official Flock Record Book, Storey's Guide to Raising Sheep AND when Maurice and Bob went to live with the ewe's, lambing should have started on Sunday.  OK, I'll give em a couple of days for them doing a meet and greet BUT what about today??  I even tried the ole 'I'll go into town and when I get back the hills will be alive with the dancing of lambs'.  No, that didn't work either.
Now Tracy is going to ask me if I read the part in the books to the ewe's that explain what they're supposed to be doing right now.  No I haven't. They've done this before and I expect that mostly it should come naturally.  Believe me if we are still lambless on Friday I'll be out there with a stack of sheep books and reading to them all until something happens!
For those of you who are waiting for the call to come visit the babies, um, ah, how about next week?

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